Booked Solid


S1: E5 Nothing

Existentialism. Measured trauma and violence. One-ups-manship. We will burn the tape and keep the ashes.

Magic Lessons

S2: E1 Magic Lessons

Our podcast glows up and embraces young adults, new adults, and the forever young adult at heart.


S2: E3 Beartown

A tiny town with super-sized hockey. A master of character study is the best cocktail party wingman. Speaking out and the fall out. Books in translation.

Dread Nation

S2: E4 Dread Nation

Sam embraces a sequel and Kathleen ponders the Zombie Adjacent in a satirical alternate history of the Civil War. Let's get pumped for One Author New Canaan--Jacqueline Woodson!

Another Brooklyn

S2: E5 Another Brooklyn

Celebrating our One Author New Canaan visit by Jacqueline Woodson by embracing her unique voice in poetic prose.