March 4th, 2024 Reopening FAQs

Reopening FAQs

Why are the Children’s Library and Auditorium still closed? 

There is remaining work to be done in the Rees Family Children’s Library that includes painting and finishing the walls before our shelving can be set back in place. The Jim and Dede Bartlett Auditorium is being used to store our children’s collections during this transition.  

When will the Children’s Library be open?  

While we are making every effort to resume normal operations over the next few weeks, we anticipate the Rees Family Children’s Library will remain closed for at least another two weeks.  

Can I return my books? 

Yes, books can be returned via our outdoor book drop, which is open 24/7.  

What about fines?  

Items that were due during our closure will not be subject to fines. If you have questions about renewing items or fines, please contact [email protected] 

How can I get children’s books?  

The children's collection will not be available for browsing while the Rees Family Children's Library is closed. Holds can be placed online through the website with your library card, or in person at the Library. Thank you for your patience as pickup times for holds may be longer than usual as we work on reorganizing the children’s collection. Please contact [email protected] for questions concerning children’s materials.  

Are programs canceled?  

While a limited number of programs have been rescheduled, most programs will take place as planned. To best accommodate our patrons, some upcoming events have been moved off-site. Please check the website and your email for program updates.  

When will the cafe be open? 

The Farmer’s Grind will resume normal hours starting on Monday, March 4th at 10:00 am.  

What are the Library's hours? 

Hours are posted on the website. We are open Monday-Thursday 9AM-8PM, Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-5PM and Sunday 12PM-5PM.