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The Rees Family Children’s Library, the Jim and Dede Bartlett Auditorium, and the Community Room will remain closed as we work to reshelve our children's collections.  You can request children's materials by placing a hold online or in the Library.  Please visit this page for more details about our reopening.


Internet & Computer Use Policy



Guidelines for Use

The New Canaan Library is committed to providing its members and other permitted users (each a "User," and collectively, "Users") with access to an increasing array of digital resources. In return, we ask that each User act responsibly and observe the guidelines below.

Use of Internet Resources The User, not the Library, selects the materials to view. Users are advised that:

  • • The Library does not verify information on the internet. Users should be aware that errors and intentional misinformation exist on the internet. The New Canaan Library makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of the fitness, timeliness, accuracy, or usefulness of information accessed via the internet.
  • • The internet contains material that some Users will find offensive. There are sites that are unacceptable for use or viewing in a public library setting, and some sites are extremely inappropriate for children.
  • • The Library will make reasonable efforts to exclude from its own websites links to sites with obscene or other objectionable content, but websites change continuously and without notice, so guarantees are not possible. Furthermore, links on other websites are not vetted by the Library.


Internet in the Children’s Room

Because some material accessible on the internet is extremely ill-suited to children, the Library computers in the Children’s Room employ internet filtering software. However, this software does not always work reliably, and inappropriate material may still be accessible. Children may also be able to log on to the Library’s unfiltered Wi-Fi system, and the Library does not restrict use of the internet outside the Children’s Room. Neither the Library nor its staff undertakes oversight obligations with respect to minors in this regard. In addition library personnel do not monitor internet use by Users, including minors, of any of its computer resources. A parent, guardian or other responsible adult (each, a "Responsible Party") who allows a minor in their charge to use computers at the Library assumes the risk that inappropriate sites will be accessible and are solely responsible for the actions of such minor in their charge. A Responsible Party should warn the minor children in their charge never to disclose personal information on social media sites or other electronic communications without the Responsible Party's consent.


Use of Computer Resources

Library computer resources may only be used for lawful purposes and in a cooperative manner. Examples of uses not permitted include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Damage to hardware, software or data
  • Unauthorized access to Library networks
  • Unauthorized copying, transmission or sharing of copyrighted materials or violation of software licenses
  • Deliberately spreading computer malware or viruses
  • Unreasonable use of space, computer time, network bandwidth, processing capacity, data storage, or printing services, and any activity unreasonably disruptive of other Users
  • Deliberately crashing any computer or networked device
  • Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications; use of any computer to hack Library or other systems; violations of network security; unauthorized access to other Users’ accounts or network credentials assigned to others; violations of another User’s privacy, or harassment of other Users
  • Use of sounds or video which might reasonably be disruptive to others in the Library
  • Libel or slander or sending, receiving or displaying obscene text or graphics
  • Activities conducted for illicit profit, including spamming and gambling
  • Circumvention of Library printing fees

The Library reserves the right to limit a User's time on the internet.



While the Library adopts reasonable efforts and policies to maintain the privacy of its Users, both Users and Responsible Parties should be aware that the internet is not a secure medium and third parties may be able to obtain information regarding a User's activities. The Library will not, however, release information on specific internet resources by a User except as required by law. In this regard Users and Responsible Parties should note that legislation (including The USA PATRIOT Act) may obligate the Library to release records to governmental authorities without regard to Library policies. The Library therefore cannot ensure a User's privacy.

Users should also be aware that the Library’s public wireless network is open and un-encrypted.


Violations and Penalties

The Library reserves the right to terminate any computer use or internet session at any time at its discretion. Repeated or serious violations of these guidelines may lead to the suspension or revocation of Library access to computers, the internet and its resources. Such suspension, if for longer than the balance of the day, or revocation, while fully discretionary, may be appealed in writing to the Library Executive Director.

By using Library computer resources, Users (or the Responsible Parties of Users, in the case of minors) who damage Library equipment (including introducing viruses) or who engage in illegal activity agree to hold the Library harmless and pay for repairs or replacement of damaged software or equipment, including reasonable charges for staff time.


Date Approved: February 1, 2017

Next Review Date: February 1, 2019

Users should also be aware that the Library’s public wireless network is open and un-encrypted.

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