Meeting Room Usage Policy


Policy Statement

The New Canaan Library, Inc. (the "Library") makes its Meeting Rooms, when not required for Library use, available to the public as a community service. In keeping with the Library's Mission to be the information and cultural center of the community, providing meeting space to outside groups is intended to complement the Library's educational and cultural programs while developing cooperative relationships with community organizations.

Users of the Library's Meeting Rooms shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this Policy, the Application to Reserve a Meeting Room (the "Application") and the Library Use and Code of Conduct Policy (collectively referred to as the "MR Usage Agreement").  Meeting room requests that vary from the MR Usage Agreement may be considered at the discretion of the Library's Executive Director. 

(for information about smaller Study Rooms, visit our website’s “Policies” page)

Available Meeting Rooms (each, a “Meeting Room”)

Meeting room



Jim & Dede Bartlett Auditorium

200 audience, 100 at tables

Can be combined with Community Room

Community Room


100 audience, 50 at tables

See above

Craig B. Tate Conference Room

35 at tables

50 audience

Can be combined with Bartlett Terrace

Bartlett Terrace


48 people

See above

McLaughlin Meeting Room

15 at table


Conference room as needed 

Lydee Hummel Meeting room


8 people



Adjoins with and can be booked concurrently with Tate Conference Room

Reservation Procedure

A. Meeting Rooms may be reserved by the following groups or individuals (each, a "Group"):

§  A nonprofit organization with an IRC §501(c)(3) determination letter (a "§501(c)(3) Organization"):

§  Town of New Canaan Departments and affiliated entities (including the New Canaan Public Schools and the Board of Education) ("TONC Entities"): 

§  A social club, business association, homeowners' association, civic or community group, sports team or other group that is not-for-profit, but does not have an exemption from Federal income taxation under IRC §501(c)(3); and

§  A for-profit entity or an individual not acting on behalf of an entity (a "For Profit Entity").

To reserve a Meeting Room, a Group must complete and execute the Web Form Application that may be found online under "Book a Room" on the Library's website. Complete details on individual room offerings can be found on the Library’s website. Assistance with, or questions on, the Application, Room Details, and this Policy may be directed to the Library's Executive Assistant via email at [email protected]. The Library reserves the right to seek additional information and references for, and obtain such other documentation (e.g., charitable status, tax exemption evidence, insurance certificates, evidence of permits) from, any Group seeking to reserve a Meeting Room. The Library reserves the right to deny or reject a Meeting Room Reservation request for any reason or for no reason.

B.           Library use of a Meeting Room receives priority in scheduling. At other times Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  To accommodate its programming, the Library has the discretion to limit the number of times that a particular Meeting Room is booked over the course of a year by a Group.

C.           Event activities shall be restricted to those facilities for which the Application has been specifically made.

D.           The Executive Director has the discretion to deny use of a Meeting Room to any Group.

E.            A Meeting Room reservation may not be assigned to another Group.

Meeting Room Use Charges

The following charges shall apply to the use by a particular Group of the Meeting Rooms on offer.


Meeting Room

Rental Rate

Custodial Charge

Jim and Dede Bartlett Auditorium

$400 per hour

$3000 for full day



Community Room


$200 per hour

$2000 for full day


Craig B. Tate Conference Room


$1600 / 8 hours


McLaughlin Meeting Room

$100/4 hours


No charge  

Hummel Meeting Room

(as breakout /extra space with Tate)


60 minutes free, then $15/hour

No charge

Bartlett Terrace


$500/3 hours


Auditorium plus Community room with Kend Kitchen* for catering

4 hour minimum



$1000/hour for every additional hour


*Kend Kitchen not available for booking independently


NEW CANAAN-BASED NOT-FOR-PROFIT RATE: Discounted Rates are available for New Canaan-based not-for-profit organizations as follows: First 2 hours are free, any additional time needed is ½ the full rate per hour. For purposes of the foregoing, "New Canaan-based not-for-profit" shall mean 501(c)(3) Organizations with an office in New Canaan or any other not-for-profit Organization located in New Canaan or with at least five of its members resident in New Canaan.

TOWN OF NEW CANAAN ENTITY RATE: Town of New Canaan(Municipal) Entities are not subject to any charges for use of any Meeting Room.

 D.  Payment of Use Charges

1. A Group shall pay the Library the Rental Rate for the time booked and Custodial Charge at the time of booking the Meeting Room.

2. If the cost of clean-up exceeds the Custodial Charge, the Group will be responsible for the prompt payment of the additional amount upon receipt of the Library's invoice for such excess charge.

E.  Cancellation

1. The Library may cancel the MR Use Agreement at any time prior to the event booked by a Group. The Library will endeavor to give a Group at least five (5) days' prior notice of such a cancellation, but under extraordinary circumstances (e.g., severe weather conditions), shorter notice may be necessary. In the event of any such cancellation, the Library will refund the fees and Custodial Charge for the booking in full within 10 days of such notice of cancellation.

2. At least 48 hours prior notice is requested for the cancellation by a Group of a Meeting Room reservation. Meeting Rooms will be held for 15 minutes after the reservation time begins and may be forfeited after that time. Any prepaid rental fees and Custodial Charge will be reimbursed in full within 10 days of receipt of such notice of cancellation. A Group that fails to show up for a reserved Meeting Room and provides no advance notice of cancellation will not be entitled to a refund of any prepaid rental fees or Custodial Charge. If a Group repeatedly fails to show up for a reserved Meeting Room, the Group will be denied the privilege of reserving a Meeting Room in the future.

Rules for Use of Meeting Rooms

A.           Usage

1. Meeting Rooms may only be used for meetings, programs, or events for purposes that comply with the MR Usage Agreement. In addition to such other purposes that may be deemed inconsistent with the MR Usage Agreement, Meeting Rooms may not be used for the following express/implied purposes:

§  religious services;

§  any political campaign on behalf of a candidate for office or political party

o   political forums or panel discussions of general interest and open to the public relating to a campaign or political topic will be permitted (eg: League of Women Voter debate/forum);

§  promotion of violence, hate or discrimination;

§  events which might interfere with the functions of the library staff or the peaceful use of the Library's facilities by its users, or which might endanger the Library's buildings, collections, or other property.

2. The Library reserves the right to impose limitations on the frequency of use of Meeting Rooms by any one Group. In furtherance of the foregoing, no Group will be entitled to reserve a Meeting Room for more than six (6) times in any twelve-month period without the prior consent of the Library.

3. No admission fees or other charges may be levied by any Group using a Meeting Room.

4. Meeting Rooms may not be used for the advertisement, solicitation or sale of products or services or for fundraising purposes.

5. Rates are for normal Library operating hours. Any usage outside normal operating hours will be subject to 1.5 times the full (for profit) rental rate for that space for any entity/group.

B.           Responsibility

1. An authorized, adult representative of a Group (the "Representative") approved for a Meeting Room will review this Policy and agree on behalf of the Group to abide by its terms and conditions. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions of this Policy on the Library's website shall constitute such Representative's agreement on behalf of the Group.

2. Minors may use a Meeting Room provided the Representative of the Group, who must be an adult, reserves the Meeting Room and supervises the event on behalf of the Group.

3. Only Library personnel may set up and remove the seating and any audiovisual equipment requested by a Group in the Application for an event. Operation of the requested audiovisual equipment by the Representative or other member of the Group will be permitted at the discretion of the Library personnel.

4. The Representative, as well as the Group, will be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the Group's use of the Meeting Room (including any equipment of the Library provided to the Group), and any ancillary facility such as the kitchen; compensation for any loss or damage is expected to be paid promptly upon receipt of the Library's invoice.

5. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to any equipment, supplies, exhibit materials or other items owned or used by a Group.

C.           Publicity

1. Permission granted to a Group to use a Meeting Room does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the Group's policies, beliefs or activities by the Library.

2. All publicity (flyers, posters, newsletters, press releases and invitations) to be used by a Group for a Meeting Room event must contain: 

§  an acknowledgment of the Group's sponsorship of the event with contact information for the Group, including the name and contact information for the Representative of the Group; and

§  a disclaimer, prominently featured, to the following effect:  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT SPONSORED BY NEW CANAAN LIBRARY.

3. Neither the name of, nor any contact information for, the Library may be used as the address or headquarters for any Group using the Library for meeting purposes.

4. The Library does not promote or publicize non-library events held at the Library, including on its website, on social media, via e-newsletter, or inside the building. 

D.           Care and Use of Facilities

1. Attendance will be limited to the maximum legal capacity of the Meeting Room selected. Group must honestly represent the anticipated attendance in the Application.

2. All exits must be kept unlocked at all times. Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access to exits.

3. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in the Library and on its grounds, including in any Meeting Room.

4. If the MR Usage Agreement permits the Group's provision of alcoholic beverages, the Group, prior to the event, shall furnish the Library with evidence of the appropriate State of Connecticut Liquor Permit for the event and a certificate evidencing the Group's liability insurance coverage and where requested, naming the Library as an additional insured. The Group shall also appoint the Representative or another adult member of the Group as the "Designated Person" for the event, who shall remain on the premises throughout the event and who shall be responsible for the Group's compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to the provision of alcohol.

5. Burning of any materials in a Meeting Room, including incense and candles, is prohibited.

6. Nothing may be affixed or mounted to the walls of a Meeting Room in any way

7. Library spaces will be left in good order.

8. Meeting room use, as with all Library use, is governed by the New Canaan Library Visitor Code of Conduct, located on our website under “Policies.”

8. Failure to comply with or meet the letter or spirit of the Policy may cause the Group to be denied the privilege of reserving a Meeting Room in the future.




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