Open Tech Policy

Policy Statement

Open Tech is a service offered by New Canaan Library to members and other library users (each, a "User") for one-on-one tutorials or other assistance with digital devices and technology matters. From questions about social media platforms, email issues, or new smart-phone setup, to help with photo editing or eBook downloads, Open Tech allows Users to receive personalized assistance from a skilled staff member.

This policy is intended to ensure that multiple Users may be accommodated during each Open Tech session and that the security of each User's personal information and devices is protected.


Procedural Guidelines

  1. Open Tech hours are currently offered from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Tuesdays.
  2. Open Tech operates as a drop-in service. Users will be helped on a first come, first-serve basis. By attending Open Tech, you agree to the terms of this policy and the disclaimer set forth below.  
  3. Each User is allowed a maximum of 20 minutes with a staff member to work on the technological matter that caused such User to attend Open Tech. Additional time may be allowed at the discretion of the staff member provided another User is not then waiting for assistance. If a User's technical issue cannot be resolved in the time allotted and the staff member has not determined the issue is outside the bounds of what the library can reasonably assist with, the User may (i) attend another Open Tech session; (ii) take advantage of the Library's "Book-A-Librarian" service by signing up for a personal one-hour session on the Library's website; or (iii) contact one of the companies on the Referral List noted in Section 4 below.
  4. The Library, given its resources, cannot be expected to solve all technological matters presented in these Open Tech sessions. The Library staff shall have sole discretion to determine which technological matters can be addressed in a session or what falls outside of acceptable requests. For example, if it is determined that a User has an unresponsive computer with a possibly damaged hard drive, motherboard, or corrupted operating system, a system restore or the like will not be performed. In any such event, the staff member may refer the User to one of the IT companies on the New Canaan Library Tech Repair Referral List (the "Referral List"). The Library provides this list of IT resources in the surrounding area as an accommodation to its Users, and it should not be considered complete. The Library receives no remuneration or other benefit from these referrals and does not make any representation, nor provide any assurances, as to the quality of the service provided by any of the IT companies on the Referral List.
  5. To protect the privacy of a User's personal information, each User will be expected to enter his/her private personal information (i.e., social security number, usernames, passwords, etc.) for all devices, applications, and platforms without the staff member’s assistance. In addition, the library's personnel will never contact outside organizations (i.e. Apple, Verizon, Best Buy, etc.) on behalf of a User concerning the User's digital devices, accounts or other technological matters.
  6. Library staff may assist Users at Open Tech sessions with the formatting of resumés, creative work and other documentation, but will not advise Users on the content or writing style of such material or create such content for them. Library staff should also not be expected to perform tasks outside of the purview of technology assistance. For example, if a User asks Library staff to create or maintain a website for them, the request would not be able to be performed. 



User acknowledges and agrees that neither the Library nor the Library's trustees, officers and employees shall be liable for any files, messages, hardware or other material that may be lost or damaged (or further damaged) on the User's computer or other device as a consequence of any action taken, or omitted to be taken, at the User's Open Tech session. It is recommended that a User performs a complete backup of all material prior to registering for an Open Tech session. User agrees to release the Library, its successors and assigns, and the Library's trustees, officers, employees and agents and their respective heirs, executors and assigns from any liability, actions or claims arising out of any such loss of material or damage to a device resulting from such an Open Tech session. Open Tech registrations can be cancelled by the library at any time.



Date Effective:  March 2023 

Next Review Date: February 2026 


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