Library Closures Policy


In the event of inclement weather or other circumstance that may adversely impact the use of, or access to, the Library by the public or staff, a decision to close the Library or alter its open hours will be made by the Executive Director or the Executive Director’s designees. If the Executive Director is unavailable, the designee(s) will make the appropriate decision and consult a Library Trustee for final approval. Any decision to close the Library or alter regular opening and closing hours is based on maintaining the safety and security of both the Library’s users and staff.

If a decision is made to close or alter its customary hours, the Library will post this information as soon as possible following such a determination and updates, as necessary, on its website ( , social media outlets, and public voicemail. The Library will also arrange to have this information sent to the, and Cable News 12 for announcement, when possible. Where time permits, the Library will email this information to each of its newsletter subscribers.

Please be aware that the Library does not necessarily follow the area school policies for closures or changes in opening times. However, in the event of a school closing for inclement weather where the Library remains open, the Library will under such circumstance cancel its storytimes and other children’s programs for that day for safety reasons or expected low attendance. Where the schools delay opening or close for a reason other than inclement weather and the Library remains open, the Library's programming for children will generally be held. Those who may be affected should contact the Library to confirm that the program will be conducted.


Date approved: February 2023

Next review date: February 2026

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